As AES GROUP, we are looking for researcher people, who adopt the field they are working in and who possess both today’s and tomorrow’s perspective at once, and people with whom we can walk steadily towards the future. We aim to progress with a team that attach weight to humans, that always respect the nature and the environment on this path leading to being a worldwide trademark and providing topmost quality since the day it was established.

    We are aware of the fact that our Company shall proceed to better state as long as our employees improve themselves. Therefore, we, AES Group, present the best working conditions for you so that you can specialize in your field; and, we help you to improve yourself by means of both national and international training programs.

    • To provide sustainable improvement and conversion of our employees.
    • Promiscuous approach that provides equal opportunities for all of our employees.
    • Setting up honest communication with our employees and showing empathy.
    • Production based on teamwork and organizational culture.
    • Developing result-oriented applications with our specialized personnel.
    • Management and performance assessment for achieving our goals.
    • Respect for the opinions of our employees, paying attention to “Feedbacks of the Employees”
    • Increasing loyalty and motivation of our employees.