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GO! ULTRA CNC drilling machine guarantees you much more than convertional boring machines with its high working speed, excellent part precision and its structure that can be shaped according to your needs. Apart from standard hole operations, drill machine is capable to make processing 6 sides of panel.

  • 1300 1300 x ∞ mm

  • 1300 M/S 1300 x ∞ mm

  • 1300 M/S ATC 1300 x ∞ mm

Beyond Your Priorities

Perfect Result in Milling Applications

With its high-performance spindle motor, it guarantees excellent result in all your routing applications, including 3D applications.

Boring Unit

Shorten your lead time with customized drilling unit options

Çoklu delik ünitesi

Precise Positioning

Perform the positioning of the part in the most precise way with the double gripper controller with the help of independent servo motors.

High-Quality Rack & Rail

Central Lubrication Unit

Axis Control With Servo Motors

Designed for Perfect Processing

Air Floating Working Table

Process your different types of design easily thanks to the 1300mm processing zone and the part feeding feature from both sides. Perform drilling and milling applications on 5 sides of the part

Wide Machining Area

The upper pressure group and pressure cylinders enable precise processing by fixing parts in drilling and routing applications.

Next Generation CNC Control Unit

The next generation control unit is powered by a PC designed for industrial operations. It allows you to make your transactions quickly and easily without getting stuck.