Sirius is a CNC machine designed not only for a hole, but also for your wood processing applications. Its computer-based structure supports your vertical and lateral drilling operations, as well as all surface applications. It supports production by increasing its mobility with its milling and automatic tool change units.

  • 950 950 x ∞ mm

  • 950 M/S 950 x ∞ mm

  • 950 M/S ATC 950 x ∞ mm

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Beyond your Priorities

Perfect Result in Milling Applications

With its high-performance spindle motor, it guarantees excellent result in all your routing applications, including 3D applications.

Versatile Usage

Automatic tool change unit with 6 tool capacity keeps different types of tools ready for quick and easy change.

Maksimum üretkenlik

Maximum Productivity

Boring Unit

Shorten your lead time with customized drilling unit options.

Çoklu delik ünitesi

High-Quality Rack & Rail

Central Lubrication Unit

Axis control with Servo Motors

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Enginered for error-free Processing

Pressure Cylinderes & Pneumatic Side Bolt

High precision pneumatic side slider and convenient vise cylinders effectively fix the workpiece.

Precision Grip System

The precision gripper system allows the positioning of the part and optimum results during machining

Air Floating Working Table

The working table on the front and rear of the machine allows easy loading and unloading of the part with its ergonomic structure

Next Generation CNC Control Unit

The next generation control unit is powered by a PC designed for industrial operations. It allows you to make your transactions quickly and easily without getting stuck.