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Performs your nesting and drilling applications faster with higher precision thanks to its sturdy body construction and advanced configuration. It performs loading and unloading operations automatically in the fully automated production line mode. Offers high-end solutions to mass manufacturing companies by increasing productivity.

  • 1325 1300 x 2500 mm

  • 1336 1300 x 3700 mm

  • 1632 1600 x 3200 mm

  • 1640 1600 x 4000 mm

  • 2128 2100 x 2800 mm

  • 2132 2100 x 3200 mm

  • 2136 2100 x 3700 mm

  • 2142 2100 x 4200 mm

Maximum Productivity

Boring Unit

Shorten your lead time with customized drilling unit options.

Çoklu delik ünitesi

High Speed Precision

High quality spindle motor ensures the best results with high speed and maximum precision in all machining applications, including 3D.

Extented Aggregate Usage Area

Where the Spindle there is Power

Increased Vacuum Zones

The machine working table can be divided into multiple vacuum zones according to your needs. Multiple vacuum zones provide a stronger grip on your opertaions and prevent part slippage

Arttırılabilir vakum bölgesi

High Efficiency Vacuum Pump

Güçlü vakum pompası
Güçlü vakum pompası

Professional Vacuum Equipment

Every Second Counts

Rotary Maganize Unit

Quickly change tools with the rotary magazine to shorten machining time.

Machine Led Status

While the macgine led status indicator shows the machining process of the machine, the colors on the indicator increase operator safety to the next level.

Groundbraking Production Line That Has Changed The Dynamics Of The Sector

Semi Automatic Line
Full Automatic Line

Lift Unit

Loading Unit

Label X Automatic Labelling System

Automatic Aligment System

Unloading & Cleaning Unit

Conveyor Unit

Manuel Labelling System

Maximum Safety

The safety options of EXTREME ULTRA were designed to prevent unauthorized access to the work area with a view to maximizing safety of life. These safety options which are designed in compliance with the CE norms will minimize the risk of occupational accidents in your manufacturing processes.

Maksimum Güvenlik
Safety Mats
Light Barriers
Safety Fences
Area Scanning

Next Generation Cnc Kontrol Unit

The next generation control unit is powered by a PC designed for industrial operations. It allows you to make your transactions quickly and easily without getting stuck.