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Beta beam saw machine is designed for perform panel processing applications in the most efficient manner. It guarantees precise and error-free results thanks to its strong and fast structure.

  • PS-03 - PS-04

  • 3200 3200 x 3200 mm

  • 3800 3800 x 3800 mm

  • 4200 4200 x 4200 mm

Yüksek performans mükemmel sonuç

High Performance Perfect Result

High Performance Saw Carriage Unit

With a saw blade motor of 9 or 11 kW, 1,5 kW scoring saw motor ensures fast, precise and safe cutting. It works optimally with minimum cost with its strong structure.

Fast & Practical Saw Change

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Air Floating Working Table For Easily Loading

The working table on BETA allows for easy loading and unloading with its ergonomic structure.

Grip System Offering Excellent Precision

The powerful and high-performance pusher bridge is designed with a steel structure for precise positioning of the plates to be machined. There are 8 standard grippers on the unit.

Güçlü Gövde

Strong Body

The machine body is made of fully vibrated steel, its strong body structure allows for smooth production even under the most challenging conditions.

Excellent Alignment

The side aligner unit is used to align the parts to be cut. The unit aligns area between 50-1250 mm.

Next Generation CNC Control Unit

The next generation control unit is powered by a PC designed for industrial operations. It allows you to make your transactions quickly and easily without getting stuck.