One Machine
Many Design

VEGA 5X PRO; It was designed to be the most accessible solution for your 5-axis needs. While provides fast and sensitive production with its strong structure, it provides trouble-free processing even in your most demanding processes thanks to its liquid-cooled engine.

  • 1325 1300 x 2500 mm

  • 1332 1300 x 3200 mm

  • 1345 1300 x 4500 mm

  • 1360 1300 x 6000 mm

Unlimited Machining with 5-Axis Configuration

Liquid-cooled Spindle Motor HSK F63 connection system Speed range from 1,500 to 24,000 rpm Unlimited performance with endless B-C Axis rotation

Every Second Counts

Rotary Magazine Unit

Quickly change tools with the rotary magazine to shorten machining time.

Excellent Acceleration with the Gantry System

The bilateral servo motor system located on the long axis and sturdy body construction ensure quick and vibration free acceleration and smooth machining.

Conveyor Unit

Keeps your work area clean throughout the shift thanks to the wood chip and dust extraction unit.

Linear Magazine Unit

Saw Blade Magazine Unit

Keep your saw blade tools up to 300 mm. in the saw blade magazine unit for effective use of the magazine unit.

Maximum Productivity


Shorten your lead time with customized drilling unit options

Çoklu delik ünitesi
Güçlü vakum pompası

High Efficiency Vacuum Pump

High performance efficient vacuum pump ensures firm grip on work pieces to be cut. It will support your operations for many years with its problem free constructio and low maintenance costs.

Professional Vacuum Equipment

The working table comprises state of the art vacuum consoles and blocks. The discharge pistons on the consoles allow expedited discharge of work pieces.

High-Quality Rack & Rail

Central Lubrication Unit

Axis Control With Servo Motors

Next Generation CNC Control Unit

The next generation control unit is powered by a PC designed for industrial operations. It allows you to make your transactions quickly and easily without getting stuck.